Black Pearl

Thickness: 3cm

Type: Granite

Origin: India

Price: Low


Black Pearl looks stunningly beautiful and gives a fabulous and luxurious look to the kitchen. Black Pearl is characterized with a consistent grain structure. The uniform look of the slabs makes this type of granite perfect for larger projects, as the variations between the different slabs are insignificant to none. It has gained its popularity not only because it looks beautiful, but because Black Pearl is cost effective and homeowners get a high quality counter-top at a reasonable price. The base color of Black Pearl is black, but many other hues and shades can be seen and this is what gives this natural stone a distinct look from other traditional black stones. Black Pearl easily fits in ultra-modern kitchen designs as well as in traditional and contemporary styles. 

Disclaimer: Superior Granite recommends using pictures primarily to visualize the movements, patterns, veining, grain structure and other prominent characteristics of the stone as sequential slabs vary in color, movement and pattern.

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