Coffee Brown

Thickness: 3cm

Type: Granite

Origin: India

Price: Low


Coffee Brown is one of those granite stones that looks exactly as it sounds. It is renowned for its stunning deep brown colors and is very popular for usage as kitchen counter-tops. From afar the overall appearance of this granite is very dark brown or even black. It looks very uniform from a distance and no distinctive patterns or veins can usually be seen. What gives this stone its beauty are the stunning brown mineral deposits that are littered throughout every slab. When Coffee Brown is combined with dark cabinets, the dark granite blends together with the dark cabinets seamlessly and it creates a luxurious and serious feel to the kitchen. However, when combined with white cabinets, Coffee Brown looks very different. It is a stark bold contrast to the bright white cabinets and becomes an attention demanding focal point of the room.

Disclaimer: Superior Granite recommends using pictures primarily to visualize the movements, patterns, veining, grain structure and other prominent characteristics of the stone as sequential slabs vary in color, movement and pattern.

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