Delicatus White

Thickness: 3cm

Type: Granite

Origin: Brazil

Price: Medium


Delicatus White is a stunning stone that is famous for its beautiful white bedrock and dark patterns. From afar this stone has an overall white appearance. Even from a distance it does not have a uniform appearance and its incredible mineral deposits are clearly visible. Like many other granite stone, Delicatus White has an abundance of white quartz crystals. When combined with dark cabinets, Delicatus White will become the centerpiece of the room. It will stand out and demand attention as it strongly contrasts with dark cabinets. The darker minerals will break up the contrast slightly, but the overall effect will still be very predominate. When Delicatus White is used with white cabinets, the white bedrock in the stone will blend in seamlessly with the cabinets. But the dark mineral patches will create little pockets and islands of contrast - creating quite a stunning combination. 

Disclaimer: Superior Granite recommends using pictures primarily to visualize the movements, patterns, veining, grain structure and other prominent characteristics of the stone as sequential slabs vary in color, movement and pattern.

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