New Venetian Gold

Thickness: 3cm

Type: Granite

Origin: Brazil

Price: Low


New Venetian Gold is a beautiful granite in beige and golden tones. The veining in dark red, gray and brown give the granite its unique character. It is also known as Brazilian Gold, San Tropez, Vecchia Oro and Yellow Ornamental. In Brazil it is called Ouro Brasil. New Venetian Gold is very popular among designers as it is design-friendly and versatile. New Venetian Gold granite counter-tops fit in various styles because of the warmer, golden, neutral tones, the black/grayish veining and brown garnets. If you intend to add value to your home, or simply remodel your outdated kitchen, New Venetian Gold is an ideal choice. It works well with neutral or earthy tones for more traditional designs and at the same time fits equally well in bold sleek modern designs. 

Disclaimer: Superior Granite recommends using pictures primarily to visualize the movements, patterns, veining, grain structure and other prominent characteristics of the stone as sequential slabs vary in color, movement and pattern.

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